About Us

The Wild Bird Care Centre is the only rehabilitation centre exclusively dedicated to wild birds. The Centre is a registered cahritable organization funded primarily by public donations. The Centre has been operating in the Stony Swamp Conservation Area since 1991, and is the oldest rehabilitation facility in the Ottawa region.

Caring for thousands of birds each year, it is expected that the need for our services will grow as the city expands. This year alone, we have broken records for bird admissions, three months in a row. Thousands more are expected to arrive this year.

The Centre plays an important role in supporting conservation by providing care to the thousands of birds admitted each year, many of which are endangered or threatened. Each life saved and released is a small victory for its species and the environment.

Purchases from this website will help ensure every bird in need of care will receive compassionate treatment, a place to rest, recover, and a second chance at life.

For more information, please visit our website: https://wildbirdcarecentre.org